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Theoretical Cultural Studies  
 Bondarevska I. A. The borders of art
 Bytsykina Y. O. Theoretical framework and methodological concepts of design culture
 Brovko M. M. Culturological dimensions of artistic image
 Herchanivska P. E. Model of cultural research in the paradigm of theory of systems
 Golovei V. Y. Culture-creative potential of sacral experience: theoretical and methodological analysis
 Zhyvohliadova I. V. Mentality as a subject of interdisciplinary research: definition issue
 Matytsyn A. I. Symphonic categories "sublime" and "beautiful" in the Byzantine theological and aesthetic traditions: semantic aspect
 Nosenok B. E. Decadence-literature: the imagery specificity
 Pavlova O. Y. To the definition of the concept "cultural industry": description of symptoms and analysis of trends
 Rohozha M. М. Philosopher in space and time of culture (chronotope of maître à penser). Part 1
 Stoian S. P. The symbolism of the visual image in the philosophical conceptions of E. Cassirer and C. Langer: the cultural context
Applied Cultural Studies  
 Maslikova I. I. International cooperation and social partnership as mechanisms of quality assurance of cultural education
 Morozov A. Y. Moral and religious motives in the works of J. R. R. Tolkien: cultural context
 Napadysta V. G. Ideological grounds of cultural identification of the Crimean tatars: formation contexts
 Onishchenko E. I. Heuristic potential of the dialogue (on the material of the cultural creation project U. Eco and J.-C. Carrière "Do not hope to get rid of books!")
 Parkhomenko I. I. The concept of cultural and creative industries in European academic field and policies of the EU and Great Britain
 Petrova I. V. Features of becoming and development of cultural and leisure practices in Ancient Greece
 Rykhlytska O. D. Ecology of culture: landscape approach
 Rusin R. M. Corporality as an attribute of sculpture (European context)
 Tormakhova A. M. Urban studies in the context of theories of visual practices