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Theoretical Cultural Studies  
Vdovychenko H. V. Philosophical attitudes of the early works of P. Tychyna as an object of modernist-postmodern myth creation
Korobko M. I. Libertarianism and Ayn Rand's philosophy of objectivism
Nikolayeva N.S., Maksymenko A.V. Ukrainian risorial culture: linguistic and culture aspect
Panchenko V. I. Metaphor and myth as elements of artistic-language
Rykhlytska O. D. The phenomenon of the city: socio-cultural dimension
Rohozha M. M. Visualization of moral contents in a fairy tale
Semykras V. V. Ethic-legal ideas in Kyiv-Mohyla academy in the 18th century

Tapol A. I.

Turenko V. E.

Fanagey R. D.

Pavlova O. Y.

Applied Cultural Studies  
Bayadyan G.  Rabiz: the unintended child of 1960s' urban culture
Grytsenko V. S. City and park: vizualization of meanings
Vlasenko F. P., Levcheniuk Ye. V. Information culture and cyberculture in the context of modern society development
Mishustina A. B. Audience practicies of the tv series consumption
Maslikova I. I. Polyfunctionality and cultural value of public space: historical and cultural study of an urban square
Podolian G. P. Problems of social polarization in modern cities
Stoian S. P. Transformations of the architecture symbolic language in the modern city space: the dialogue and confrontation collisions

Tormakhova A. M.

Academic life. Culture News  
Butsykina Y. O. International research-to-practice conference "Symbolic dimensions of visual culture"
Shynkarenko O. V.  Review of the monograph by Maslikova Iryna "In search of the common good: ethical collision of social practices" (K.: Millennium, 2018. – 338 pp.)