For publication we accept previously unpublished manuscripts including scientific novelty and meet the objectives of the journal.

Requirements for the structure and presentation of scientific papers in "Ukrainian Cultural Studies" journal

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1.       Manuscript should contain the following elements (with subtitles written in the text!):

- Problem definition and relationship with important scientific and practical tasks

- Analysis of recent research and publications with a solution of the problem, or with still unsolved aspects of the problem the manuscript is devoted to

- Purpose of the article

- Main material studies with full justification of scientific results

- Conclusion of the study and further research in this direction.

2. Requirements for execution of manuscripts

2.1. The article should be submitted in a Microsoft Word file format without markup style; file size no more than 3 MB;

2.2. Typesetting should be done in the following way:

  - font - Arial, size of the main text 9 pt, size of annotations and references 8 pt, text style - "normal";

  - spacing - single;

  - indent must be 125 mm;

-          Page format - A4; margins: top right - 20 mm; bottom right - 20 mm; left - 25 mm; right - 10 mm.

2.3. The manuscript volume must be up to 25 thousand characters (as an exception, not more than 35 thousand characters). Reviewers make he final conclusion about accordance of volume and content of the manuscripts.

 2.4. Manuscripts should be submitted as follows:

 - UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) - Arial, 9 pt, bold, align the left edge;

 - second name, first name of the author(s), academic degree, rank, position and place of work, full address and index of work place, e-mail - Arial, 9 pt, bold, align the right edge;

 - title - Arial, 9 pt, bold, capital letters, align on center;

 - abstract (900-1000 characters) - Arial, 8 pt, bold italic, align on center without derogation. Abstract should briefly reflect the main content of the article and highlight its purpose, methods, scientific novelty, practical significance. Keywords provided after annotation (up to 10 words).

 - main text - Arial, 9 pt, no automatic transfers;

 - references - Arial, 8 pt, normal;

  - (in Ukrainian) second, first name (and patronymic) of the author(s), academic degree, rank, position and place of work, full address and index of work place, e-mail - Arial, 8 pt, bold italic, align the left edge;

- (in Ukrainian) title, abstract (900-1000 characters), keywords.

Figures and tables are made according to State Standards of Ukraine (APA).

3. References

3.1. References must be presented in alphabetical order.

 3.2. According to the Requirements to citation and references, it is necessary to apply rules of State Standards of Ukraine APA Style.За

References must be submitted according to the following pattern: [Ivanenko 2020: 123] where without tags "p.", "pp." Name of the author space Year of publishing colon space Pages of the quotes.

Example of References according to State Standards of Ukraine (APA Style.За):


1. Shalimova, L. (2013). Kazkoterapija jak zasib rozvytku doshkil'njat [Fairy tale therapy as a means of developing preschool children]. KharkivRanok.

Example of References:


Last, First. (Year). Title. City, Publishing

Internet sources

Author, F.M. (Year). Title of work. Retrieved from http://xxxxx


Author, F.M., Author F.M., & Author F.M. (Publication year). Article Title. Journal Title, Volume (Issue), pp.-pp.

Author, F.M. (Publication year). Article Title. Journal Title,Volume(Issue), pp.-pp. Retrieved from http://xxxxx or doi:XX.XXXXX

Online articles:

Article title. (Year, Month Date of publication). Retrieved from http://xxxxx

Conference materials:

Flier, A.Y. (2006). Let’s not call culturology culture history. Retrieved from (In Russian).

Flier, A.Y. (2015). Сulturology for cultural studies. Moskow: Publishing House “Soglasie” (In Russian).

4. Article must be submitted in the original language (Ukrainian or English) in electronic form as a file, which is made in the text editor MS Word for Windows.

5. The author(s) is responsible for the content, accuracy of presented facts, quotes, numbers and names. Editorial Board reserve the right to edit and minor cuts and literary correct article (preserving the main conclusions and style of the author). Editorial Board may not share the philosophical beliefs of the authors.

6. The article must be added with:

- Information about the author(s) second name, first name (and patronymic), scientific degree, rank, position and place of work, home address with postal code, telephone number, e-mail.

Publication for authors is free.

The author retains copyright and remains the rights-holder of the published paper without restrictions.